Reenvisioning Justice

Today was a historic moment for our nation.  Garry Brown, Tennessee District Attorney, announced that he has re-opened the investigation into the 1940 murder of whom some have identified as the “first martyr of the civil rights movement”, Elbert Williams. Mr. Elbert Williams was a bright, outspoken 31-year-old family-oriented man in the predominantly black community… Read More

TRU STORY EXCLUSIVE: A Seventy Five Year Old Lie pt 2

Tru Story Exclusive: About Elbert Williams   A Seventy Five Year Old Lie: Part II by Leslie McGraw Elbert Williams Historical Marker Unveiling on June 20 Photo courtesy of Sharon Hayes. Thank you for tuning into the Tru Story blog series: About Elbert Williams. Beginning in June, I began to address circumstances surrounding related to one of… Read More