TRU STORY EXCLUSIVE: A Seventy Five Year Old Lie pt 2

Tru Story Exclusive: About Elbert Williams   A Seventy Five Year Old Lie: Part II by Leslie McGraw Elbert Williams Historical Marker Unveiling on June 20 Photo courtesy of Sharon Hayes. Thank you for tuning into the Tru Story blog series: About Elbert Williams. Beginning in June, I began to address circumstances surrounding related to one of… Read More

Thankful Thursdays Spring Edition

As I often remind myself, Thanksgiving is a mindset. Today is the first of May, The National Day of Prayer, and…Thankful Thursday! Each Thursday in May, I will focus on one person or organization that has been a positive connection on my journey. Today’s featured person is Rev. Dr. Deborah Mitchell. Or, as I endearingly… Read More

Just four little words

Ever since my third grade librarian helped me to form my first publication, I considered myself a writer. At the wild and brazen age of 9, I didn’t understand how ridiculous it was to consider yourself a writer at such an early age. I mean, there are retirees that have been writing for years that… Read More