Thankful Thursdays Spring Edition

As I often remind myself, Thanksgiving is a mindset. Today is the first of May, The National Day of Prayer, and…Thankful Thursday! Each Thursday in May, I will focus on one person or organization that has been a positive connection on my journey. Today’s featured person is Rev. Dr. Deborah Mitchell. Or, as I endearingly… Read More

Scaling Back to Scale UP

Day 16 of 90. 8 pounds down, many more to go! Scaling Back My overarching goal this week is to scale back. That’s scaling back on food, portion sizes, commitments, and conversation.¬† I have been stretching myself too thin and it has been wearing on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. ¬†Each day last week lasted… Read More

Somebody Prayed For Me

I Let “It” Go Christmas morning and table grace have been my only prayer since Friday. I don’t know…no reason really…just been so busy worrying and trying to take care of everything that prayer seemed less active, less kinetic. Last night, I was a little stressed and frustrated that I wasn’t able to complete what… Read More