Reenvisioning Justice

Today was a historic moment for our nation.  Garry Brown, Tennessee District Attorney, announced that he has re-opened the investigation into the 1940 murder of whom some have identified as the “first martyr of the civil rights movement”, Elbert Williams. Mr. Elbert Williams was a bright, outspoken 31-year-old family-oriented man in the predominantly black community… Read More

TRU STORY EXCLUSIVE: Let Us All Seek Justice for Elbert

Tru Story Exclusive: About Elbert Williams Let us All Seek Justice for Elbert by Guest Blogger, Jim Emison   Attorney Jim Emison, TN Cold Case Investigative Lawyer Thank you for tuning into the Tru Story blog series: About Elbert Williams. For the next few weeks leading up to Independence Day I, along with guest bloggers and/or news… Read More

Trayvon: Social Injustice or Racial Injustice?

Clipped from: news.gather.com (share this clip) Social injustice versus Racial injustice? That’s the question that I keep trying to answer in my head. In fact, as more and more evidence, news, and views emerge about the Trayvon Martin case – I find myself with more questions each day.   Question 1. Is this a black… Read More