TRU STORY EXCLUSIVE: Let Us All Seek Justice for Elbert

Tru Story Exclusive: About Elbert Williams Let us All Seek Justice for Elbert by Guest Blogger, Jim Emison   Attorney Jim Emison, TN Cold Case Investigative Lawyer Thank you for tuning into the Tru Story blog series: About Elbert Williams. For the next few weeks leading up to Independence Day I, along with guest bloggers and/or news… Read More


What Peace Looks Like on a Thursday

The last time I opened this blog up was to post a blog entry on inequality for Blog Action Day. I wanted to write about how inequality always adds this extra layer of crud on top of other issues. I wrote several examples from the past year or so in my journal. First I wrote… Read More

Michigan Mom Brings Breast Cancer Awareness in Life and Death

Michigan Mom Brings Breast Cancer Awareness in Life and Death   Update! 8/27/11 Guestbook is up and ready to sign: Save the money on cards and roses and help defray the costs of the homegoing for an important person in the community: Family of Chanise Hadley Life and Death Open to Public for Breast… Read More