Photography Club Throwback Thursday

In honor of Throwback Thursday, and as a teaser for my new blog series beginning soon, I present to you my first photograph taken and developed as part of the Scarlett Middle School photography club.

Preparation included thinking of a subject and theme and understanding my resources. I put a feeler out and ended up with two models. I chose my seventh grade teacher because I decided I wanted to showcase one of my teachers in a different light, not just the way they might be perceived in the classroom. I themed this photo “Sportin'”.

The darkroom process was tedious, but fun once I got the hang of it. I remember thinking that was the most valuable skill my entire seventh grade year. I loved the process of developing pictures. Funny thing is I haven’t been back to a darkroom since middle school.

Now, as I look back, what went on in the darkroom wasn’t the most valuable thing I learned at all. In fact, the end result isn’t even that fancy.  It was all the steps, the process of getting prepared and taking pride in the finished product that would carry my name, that have turned out to be my best lessons from Photography Club.

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