Thankful Thursdays Spring Edition

As I often remind myself, Thanksgiving is a mindset. Today is the first of May, The National Day of Prayer, and…Thankful Thursday! Each Thursday in May, I will focus on one person or organization that has been a positive connection on my journey.

Today’s featured person is Rev. Dr. Deborah Mitchell. Or, as I endearingly refer to her as, Minister Debby. Dr. Mitchell is a poet, writer, teacher, minister, founder of a non-profit organization and program manager at the University of Michigan Medical School. I began to study under Minister Debby a couple years ago through her Christian Writers workshop, one of the workshop series under the umbrella of ATAMI (All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc.).

Since that time, I have learned how to find encouragement through scripture and spiritual strength under her direction. On top of that, she has been a supporter of community and business endeavors that I have worked on. For example, I held a workshop that fell on a day she could not attend. So, she provided scholarships for two writers (of my choosing) that could use the financial assistance.
Thank you, Dr. Deborah Mitchell!

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